We are an engineering team with many years of experience in the electronic devices development.
You can order the development of your devices from us.

We are an engineering team with many years of experience in the electronic devices development.
You can order the development of your devices from us.

Our abilities

Smart Home

Home automation systems (smart home) or its individual components, such as sensors, locks, switches, and more.


Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Ethernet, CAN and other popular wires and wireless communications.

Mobile Apps

If your device needs an Android or iOS application for a smartphone, we are able to develop them also.


We can make you your own USB-device (joysticks, mouses, USB-drives) or a device that can support other USB-devices.

Any power supply

Powering the device from the mains, power supply, solar panel, generator or battery. Charging and indication of battery charging level.


Use displays for showing different multimedia, and touchscreens for Graphical User Interface.

DFU mode

Ability to update the devices software in any convenient way, e.g. USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Low Power

Low or ultra-low power consumption allows your device to be powered from one small battery for years.


Remote control and self-driving robots, equipped with SLAM, obstacles recognition and avoiding them.

GPS & Indoor navigation

Global Position System and Indoor navigation.


Create mechanical connections, fasteners, equipment and casing with any desired levels of protection.


We develop all the necessary mechanics for your project: movement systems, manipulators, moving parts and mechanisms.


Optimal materials, modern hardware platforms and electronic components are used for our developments.


We use machine learning in solving specific tasks, such as recognizing objects on video.

Development process


  • You can place an order by filling out the form, or contacting us any convenient way (find our contacts at the top or at the bottom of each page).
  • After receiving your request, we will evaluate it, and contact you to discuss all necessary details.
  • We'll prepare and send you different implementation options, from which you choose the one that satisfies you best.

Product Requirements

Unclear requirements - unknown result

We approve the tasks, terms and budget of the project. We compile and coordinate the PRD*


According to the agreements reached, we draw up and sign a contract. The advance payment is made.


Depending on the task, budget and requirements of your project, it can consist of different stages. This can be a one-time work to create a single sample device, or a full development cycle, including RND, creation and testing of prototypes, preparing a set of documentation, implementation in serial production.

Research and development (RND) and Proof of concept

This is not a mandatory step. Its main purpose is to test the main concept or its separate details to understand how realistic it is and whether further work on it is justified. After all, it may be that what seemed to be perfect idea is simply impossible to implement, or the implementation will require significant costs, or the concept will not find enough customers.
This may require the creation of a prototype, demonstration or test bench. Research will allow to refute erroneous assumptions, correct important details, understand and see all the features of the project, which were not obvious when it was only the idea or on paper.


A prototype is a device sample that may be suboptimal in terms of production, use, maintenance, and other requirements. Prototypes may need improvement, assembly of new prototypes. The sample, which eliminates all defects and shortcomings, satisfies requirements and can be used for implementation in the series, becomes pre-series.

Implementation in the series production

Preparation for serial production is a complex and long process, which includes many complex issues, such as the preparation of all documentation, certification, search for production facilities and contractors, and so on.

Postrelease support

After releasing the product may need further support, such as developing a new versions, updating the software, ets.

Development progress report

  • Every week, or more often at your request, we provide a full or partial report on the work progress.
  • If it is necessary, we provide intermediate results.


In due time we transfer all samples, documentation and / or other results of works mentioned in the contract.

Our conditions and advantages


✔ We guarantee timely work


✔ Objective and reasonable pricing


✔ Quality assembly and installation

✔ All required documents are provided

✔ Free support after product release available

The cost and timing are specified for an approximate estimation, as they significantly depend on the features and requirements of a particular project.

The specified cost refers to the work without the cost of electronic components, PCB, mechanical parts, housing materials, and other costs. We send a list of all associated costs and add them to the final price separately.

The specified timing of work do not include terms of production or delivery of separate parts of the project which are not dependent on us (like PCBs or complicated case parts). If required, you will be provided with all related info such as track numbers of such orders.