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Hi! We are an electronics development team from Ukraine.

In 2015 we initiated the intRobots as a robotics school for children and adults. During that time we have taught a lot of people, made many master classes, participated in and organized various events, engaged in developments, and helped our clients to implement their projects.

Unfortunately, 2020 made its adjustments and we started conducting our classes online. Nevertheless, now we significantly improved our project: we are still training our clients in embedded development, providing consultations, and developing electronic devices.

Our main goal is to help you implement your ideas into reality. So, our slogan is simple:

You can not – we'll teach and help. You don't want – we'll do it for you.

You can not – we'll teach and help.
You don't want – we'll do it for you.

And here we are:

Bykov Mykola
Bykov Mykola
Company CEO, courses author and lecturer.
Embedded developer.
Fan of aviation, space and science.

Bilozerov Vladislav
Belozerov Vlad
Company co-founder, courses author and lecturer.
Hardware Engineer.
Co-founder and developer in quest rooms chain KADROOM.
Belozerov Vlad


«We met at a time when I received a device that a team of several people had been working on for over a year, but the prototype was not working satisfactorily. And when I was almost disappointed, Mykola got involved.
The main thing he implemented was the ability to remotely update the firmware. Using this, he made all the necessary amendments and changed the firmware without physical access to the device (we were already in different countries then).
Mykola fulfilled everything according to the original requirements, and the most important thing is that he proposed and implemented even more. I highly appreciate his contribution to the project and intend to continue working with him in the future. I advise the same to those who read these lines and are looking for the right person, whom they are going to entrust the development of electronics. You can be sure that the result will exceed their expectations.»

«Working with colleagues for the first time, I worried if the task would be done on time and properly, because I was not a professional in embedded development.
However, the result exceeded expectations, all the difficulties and nuances were warned in advance, and good suggestions were made to improve the solution.
Therefore, I turned to this team again confidently, and again the difficult, not very formalized and requiring technical research task was solved quickly and efficiently. It was a universal PCB for pairing with popular intercom systems.»

Mychailo Zaika
«My colleagues and I took several courses (Arduino, Stm32) and consultations at IntRobots.
They are nice, positive guys with a high level of competence in software development and microelectronics. They are not afraid to take on non-standard tasks having a rather conservative and punctual approach to work. They can explain complicated things in simple terms and are open to new ideas.
In short, we can recommend working with them.»
Mychailo Zaika

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